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DEKO history starts 10 years ago, when, during year 2004, the thirty years experience of its founder, joint with the competences of a qualified technical team, gave birth to an activity intended to the study and the manufacture of innovative Non-Stick products for the Cookware market.

DEKO roots in this field not only thanks to its technical knowledge, but even thanks to its continuous innovation hunting, which allows to manufacture custom products, granting always short lead time.

DEKO products evolutions doesn’t stick around to the classic Non-Stick Coating, but it looks at new technologies development, in order to broadening its range for the painting products.

Here some dates that marked our history:

  • 1983
    Dr. Brunelli ( Founder ) starts with the Non-Stick Coating production.
  • 1986
    Lambda rises and in a short time becomes one of the worldwide leader among the Non-Stick producers, reaching a production of more than 4000 tons/year, principally for the American and Southeast Asian markets.
  • 1999
    Lambda brand take over from Akzo Nobel
  • 2004
    DEKO foundation on the Lambda Know-how bases.

Our Applications


PTFE coatings, applied on aluminium disks to give to the substrate non-stick properties.
Deko is today a leader company among the external coatings producers, for the Cookware field, thanks to a new range of resins use, completely developed in our laboratories.

Product details


PTFE, SILICON-POLIESTER and SILICON-NANO-CERAMIC coatings, earmarked to both internal and external application on the artefact.
These resins grant properties such as: thermal resistance, chemical inertness, non-stick, non-friction, hot hardness and abrasion resistance; ensuring the food contact properties in the respect of the current legislations.

Product details


PTFE and SILICON-POLIESTER coatings expressly realized for this kind of application.
These resins allow to obtain the same technical characteristics described in the former applications technologies, improving the esthetics without affecting the productivity.

Product details


Inks intended to the realization of drawings, decorations and beauty brands.
Thanks to the continuous evolution of this technology, DEKO is today able to offer to the market more attractive products.
Beside the traditional silk-screen printing, based on the oven toughen resins, the Deko inks range includes even the brand new UV toughen silk-screen printing, for the realization of multi-colored on line decorations.

Product details

Our innovations

Thermix H2O

New water base coating system: perfect results in high deep drawing operation



Find out the best resistance to abrasion and properties release with Volkano...


Our Products

DEKO brand boasts an entrepreneurship where the rule of “LITTLE IS BEAUTIFUL” is enhanced. Skills, technological innovation, new entrepreneurial culture and a fantasy touch form the winning formula.

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With QR Codeko you’ll be able to add personalized QR Codes on top of them.
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Environment and Ecology

DEKO’s target is to work searching solutions to add value for the customer, answering to the diversified requirements through the excellence of the varnishing produced and the service, with particular attention to the “safeguard of environment”


Deko for years has adopted a sustainable politics with the objective to conserve and protect the natural resources, reducing the emissions in the air, in the water and in the ground


The safeguard of the nature and the sensibility to the issue of renewable energies represents for DEKO a fundamental point of the company policy and the strategy of research & development

Waste reduction

To reduce the production of hazardous waste correctly, managing the waste disposal correctly and supporting technologies to low environmental impact down in the field of the non-stick, joining and promoting plans to impact zero


DEKO promotes the adoption of technologies and respectful varnishes of the atmosphere and supports the initiatives, also external to the Company, to protect the places in which we live.

Our customers

DEKO’s brand is proud of a pocketbook customers of highest level as BIALETTI – TRAMONTINA and many others of international level, with which it works from various years in a spirit of collaboration and participation offering innovation and the tightest service. What it distinguishes to us is the being close to our customers creating personalized products for specific requirements and in function of the productive systems in hand of the same ones. Other characteristic of which we are proud is the rapidity of delivery (just in Time) on specific products and also for small amounts. We want to be close to the customers in order to assist them in the problem solving applicable to the innovation and to resolve them in short time.

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